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Founded in 2003 by Charlie Watson, Caatalyst provides a specialist service which involves the analysis (audit) of historic accounts transaction data to uncover potential duplicate payments and other claims. The flourishing company conduct’s audits worldwide and has made cash recovery claims for clients from more than 30 different countries.

Working with fairly complex Excel spreadsheets and using email to correspond claim information with clients, Caatalyst contacted Objective when they wanted to automate the claim process by introducing an online client portal.

Charlie Watson

Managing Director, Caatalyst

Thanks for all your hard work developing our client portal, it’s looking good!


An online web based system, a client portal, was developed to include a central database which stores information about
clients, audits and claims. This replaces the former Excel claim form and email correspondence process and workflow
system was created to handle the approval / query / rejection of claims by clients.

Three internal reports were created based on defined parameters to give Caatalyst’s directors instant figures on audit
results, live recoveries and auditor’s commissions to assist management decisions.

A client dashboard, which can be personalised by company logo, provides a graphical view of each audit and associated
claim progression. Pie charts, graphs and message boards are displayed to keep everyone up-to-date.

RPD Assure System live on an iPad

Business Benefits

  • Real time, centralised visibility of pending and active claims’ status
  • Client dashboard displays graphical view of active claims’ progression
  • Secure portal stores all client confidential documents
  • Internal reports interrogates the claim data to assist management decisions

Products and Technologies Used

  • Microsoft ASP .NET 4.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for data storage