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Forecast With Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics uses current and historical data to make predictions about future customer behaviour, otherwise unknown events, risks and opportunities.

As the next frontier in addressing the customer experience, predictive analytics can have a huge influence on improving your bottom line, through better conversion rates, reducing customer churn and ultimately extending the customer lifetime value.

Engage our dedicated team of data scientists to explore your data. We apply predictive analytics using an array of statistical techniques including predictive modelling, machine learning and data mining that analyse current and historical facts to make predictions about the future.

With predictive analytics we can help you find patterns and answer crucial business questions. Contact us for help in exploring your big data with advanced analytics.

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Working with corporate clients, our data
scientists have had an incredible success rate in using predictive analytics.
We have identified previously unknown business leads, which has significantly
increased their sales pipeline.

Cathryn Fox, Founder, Objective IT

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Using R To Support Predictive Modelling

R is the programming language we use for predictive analysis. Our data scientists can harness the powerful functions in R language to create your crystal ball.

R effectively integrates with SQL, Excel and Power BI. This allows our data insights team to enhance clients’ SQL databases and use powerful visualisations to show off the results of predictive calculations.

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