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Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, our data scientists can help you find patterns and answer crucial business questions relating to the future. Meaning you can develop your strategies and plan future activities based on hard data rather than assumptions. Thus, ensuring you focus your efforts in the most rewarding direction. Unsure where to start? Download our guide to find out the steps when starting a typical data analytics project.

Data Analytics Guide

Forecast With Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses current and historical data to make predictions about future customer behaviour, otherwise unknown events, risks, trends and opportunities.

As the next frontier in addressing the customer experience, predictive analytics can have a huge influence on improving your bottom line through better conversion rates, reducing customer churn and ultimately extending the customer lifetime value.

What our customers say

Objective worked flexibly with us to complete a variety of tasks in Azure… The solutions delivered enabled us to improve our ETL process and upskill staff.

Kate Rudd, Head of Data & Reporting


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We found the Objective team very flexible and accommodating. Objective proved very helpful.

Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director

Everglade Windows Ltd

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The people at Objective remain friendly, efficient and responsive and over a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my development partners.

Patrick Walkington, Managing Director


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The system is great and is ever growing. Thank you for helping us in making our vision real.

Lee Hatwell, Director

Munday and Cramer

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The team at Objective impressed us from the first day with a clear focus on our needs, the flexibility and determination to deliver against complex requirements, and their constructive, collaborative attitude.

Bastian Giegerich, Director-General & Chief Executive


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I’m so pleased that we engaged Objective. Their extensive support work and flexible approach has made a significant difference to Metsä Wood UK. The team is responsive, experienced and thoughtfully shares pertinent .NET expertise and technical advice.

Stuart B, IT Specialist

Metsä Wood UK

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Objective helped us to transition from our old CRM system to our new one. The team were incredibly efficient and most definitely patient, in was unarguably a complex build. We’ve been delighted with the relationship and impressed with the service throughout

Damian Waters, CEO


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Benefits of Predictive Analytics

What are the advantages and benefits of using predictive analytics for your business?

  • Anticipate Trends… Predictive analytics helps you foresee market trends, enabling proactive strategies
  • Decision-Making… Data-driven insights empower informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, reducing risks, and improving overall business strategies
  • Engagement… Predictive analytics can identify customer preferences, enabling personalized interactions, targeted marketing, and enhanced customer experiences for loyalty and satisfaction
  • Risk Mitigation… Proactively identify potential risks and challenges, allowing businesses to implement preventive measures and ensure resilience
  • Efficiency… Streamlined processes, resource optimization, and automated workflows enhance overall operational efficiency, reducing costs

Predictive Analytics in Action

Predictive analytics is used in many ways commercially including managing risk, improving productivity, marketing and sales campaign planning, general CRM (Customer Relationship Management), healthcare and more. Some examples include:

Marketing campaign planning – based on how people react in terms of clicking ads, opening emails and other responses.

Predicting customer behaviour – which customers may buy more products or services and how (upsell, cross sell and so on).

Productivity – using existing data to predict where production challenges may occur in the future so as to enable preventive measures to be developed and instigated.

Risk management – the finance industry can build profiles of ‘good and bad risk’ customers so as to make more accurate lending decisions, and insurance underwriters can more accurately assess risk when pricing policies.

Fraud – detecting fraud is increasingly important, and predictive analytics can help in flagging up potential and actual fraudulent activity.

Healthcare – data can be used to predict the future health profiles of patients and what conditions they may be susceptible to thus enabling appropriate treatment or preventative medicine to be planned in advance.

Working with you…

You talk, we listen. By talking through pain points, frustrations, and challenges as well as your needs and vision allows us to get to the heart of your software requirements. Collaborating with owner-managed businesses and corporate organisations, we streamline your business processes through bespoke software, databases & mobile apps.

Your software development project will be fully managed with regular test environment iterations and milestone deliverables, all at a development pace that suits you.

We look forward to working with you.

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How Predictive Analytics Has Evolved

The development and adoption of tech such as machine learning and Power BI (Business Intelligence) coupled with increasing amounts of data capture in commercial environments, and increasingly cost effective ways of storing it such as in the cloud, mean predictive analytics is a viable form of intelligence for businesses of many types and sizes.

The need for businesses to make the most of opportunities in fast changing commercial environments and remain competitive means ways of reliably predicting future trends as opposed to guesswork are of tremendous value.

That’s where predictive analytics comes in.

Predictive Analytics in Your Business

The need to compete at all levels means predictive analytics is a valuable tool for your business, and can be easily implemented by talking to us at Objective: we’ve helped many businesses of various sizes make the most of this powerful technology, so why not let us help you?

It starts with you telling us what your objectives are so we can help ensure predictive analytics plays its part in your effective future planning.

Once we know your requirements our dedicated team of data scientists will explore your data. We apply predictive analytics using an array of statistical techniques including predictive modelling, machine learning and data mining to analyse current and historical facts and make meaningful future predictions.

Using R to Support Predictive Modelling

R is the programming language we use for predictive analysis. Our data scientists can harness the powerful functions in R language to create your high tech crystal ball.