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Web Portal Development

We can help you develop a web portal to meet your exact requirements. Objective has developed award winning web portals since 1995 for various businesses and organisations based in Essex and throughout the UK. Tailor-made to meet their specific requirements – a hallmark of our web portal development service. Unsure where to start? Download our guide to find out the steps when starting a typical development project.

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Web Portal Services

Our track record includes: bespoke training software systems, survey systems, resource planning databases, secure client login and reporting applications as well as a comprehensive subscription-based series of web products for a major publisher.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements when you need a client portal, staff portal or intranet. The portals we develop are equipped to revolutionise business practices by providing a means of interacting online quickly, easily and securely using the latest tools and cloud technology.

To ensure your needs are fully met, our development services include an initial consultation and ongoing contact with you throughout the design, development and implementation of your web portal project.

What our customers say

Objective worked flexibly with us to complete a variety of tasks in Azure… The solutions delivered enabled us to improve our ETL process and upskill staff.

Kate Rudd, Head of Data & Reporting


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We found the Objective team very flexible and accommodating. Objective proved very helpful.

Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director

Everglade Windows Ltd

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The people at Objective remain friendly, efficient and responsive and over a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my development partners.

Patrick Walkington, Managing Director


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The system is great and is ever growing. Thank you for helping us in making our vision real.

Lee Hatwell, Director

Munday and Cramer

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The team at Objective impressed us from the first day with a clear focus on our needs, the flexibility and determination to deliver against complex requirements, and their constructive, collaborative attitude.

Bastian Giegerich, Director-General & Chief Executive


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I’m so pleased that we engaged Objective. Their extensive support work and flexible approach has made a significant difference to Metsä Wood UK. The team is responsive, experienced and thoughtfully shares pertinent .NET expertise and technical advice.

Stuart B, IT Specialist

Metsä Wood UK

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Objective helped us to transition from our old CRM system to our new one. The team were incredibly efficient and most definitely patient, in was unarguably a complex build. We’ve been delighted with the relationship and impressed with the service throughout

Damian Waters, CEO


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Benefits of Web Portal Development

What are the advantages and benefits of web portal development for your business?

  • Centralised access… Provides a single point for users to access information and services efficiently
  • Enhanced communication… Facilitates seamless interaction and collaboration among users and stakeholders
  • Efficiency… Optimizes workflows, automates processes, and reduces manual interventions for improved productivity
  • Customisation… Tailored features cater to diverse user needs, enhancing satisfaction and engagement
  • Scalability… Adaptable to accommodate growing user bases and evolving business requirements

Portal Development

Objective’s web portal development team in Essex can help you design and develop a cloud based web portal and the entire infrastructure behind it. Web portals provide an intuitive interface for information and services you may need to share with your clients, members of staff and others who may interact with your business.

The benefits of Objective’s web portal development include:

  • Automating your business processes to become more effective
  • Access from anywhere atanytime – clients or staff can enjoy a secure online user experience
  • Real time information – improve customer service by improving client communications
  • Take advantage of the latest cloud development technology to wow your clients

When you need a cloud-based solution get in touch; the cloud means powerful systems such as a comprehensive web portal can be stored economically without having to invest in expensive physical storage and can be accessed easily by users worldwide if required.

Web Portals

Our web portal development team can help you understand how to improve customer loyalty through your web portal. Loyal customers are not only advocates for your business – they are also crucial for the growth of your company.

A web portal can help your business conveniently capture and manage data from clients or staff.

Your web portal development project will help ensure data is used to communicate more effectively and help improve your business offering and boost productivity. We ensure the online portal you require maximises your efficiency and ideally cuts down your staff’s workload by allowing customers to enter information themselves and validate this data.

At Objective we pride ourselves on providing web portal development our clients are delighted with, so we will make sure you are 100% satisfied with yours.

Throughout the process we will ensure you are kept informed of development progress through regular and clear communication; our aim is to give you and your customer’s great value and create more advocates for your business.

We understand how to develop a modern and efficient web portal that offers a faultless user experience, helping you to stand out from the crowd through being informative and easy to use.

Working with you…

You talk, we listen. By talking through pain points, frustrations, and challenges as well as your needs and vision allows us to get to the heart of your software requirements. Collaborating with owner-managed businesses and corporate organisations, we streamline your business processes through bespoke software, databases & mobile apps.

Your software development project will be fully managed with regular test environment iterations and milestone deliverables, all at a development pace that suits you.

We look forward to working with you.

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Client Portals

A client portal is a type of extranet and can be used for many different purposes such as an online learning resource or checking tariffs. Objective’s development team in Essex can discuss your clients’ needs with you and help you improve your customer loyalty through a client portal.

Member Portals

A member portal allows staff to access whichever resources you choose to make available to them. We can develop a member portal that ensures different members can only see resources relevant to them so there are ‘layers’ of access easily controlled by your system administrators once your portal is in use.

Through a member portal, we can help you cut down the time staff spend providing members with information through creating a more automated systems as well as giving your members more resources as part of your web portal development project.

Staff Portals

A staff portal is effectively an intranet; we can establish with you and define the needs of your staff and provide a web portal development solution that’s best suited to your business in terms of what your staff require of this type of resource.

By developing your staff portal Objective can help you increase communication and collaboration between staff, implement different levels of access, give you a strong understanding of how your staff work, improve efficiency, productivity and much more.

Technologies Used for Web Portal Development

We use standard tools including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET including VB.Net, ASP.Net and C#.net.

Talk to the web portal development experts at Objective today to see how we can put the power and convenience of web portals to work for your business.