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Objective is a forward thinking and progressive data analytics company.
Based in Essex and working throughout England and beyond, we provide modern data analytics services through our team of data scientists and consultants; who work with many directors and team leaders to help extract value, insights and meaning from their data.
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How to unlock value from your data

Advancements in Microsoft Big Data solutions technology, including SQL with R integration, have made it possible to capture large, complex data sets which can be managed, mined and analysed to provide real-time insights and predictions through the provision of data analytics.

These insights can be used to recommend future actions or to guide business decisions.

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The Data Analytics Explosion

The explosion in data gathering through Big Data technology, cloud data storage and increased data capture such as through apps and social media, means more businesses and organisations are in need of data analytics development services to make the most of what their data can do for them.

Experienced data analytics companies, such as Objective, are seeing more demand than ever – especially with recognition as Microsoft data analytics consultants.

“The new defence budget forecast tool is an exciting addition to the Military Balance+ and is the first to use an econometric algorithm to consider up to 45 variables simultaneously to determine the outlook.”

International Institute for Strategic Studies

Fenella McGerty

Senior Fellow for Defence Economics, IISS

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Working with you…

Your friendly, accessible team of data scientists and analysts are skilled at analysing complex data. They will help you utilise business intelligence platforms, build predictive models, and apply machine learning to explore and interrogate your data in real time.

Tell us what you want to achieve. By talking through your data concerns, frustrations, and challenges, as well as what your desired output looks like, enables us to work in synergy. Helping you unlock the value in your data to guide and support strategic business decisions.

We look forward to working with you.

Data Insight Challenges

Perhaps you’re not making the most of the data you are collecting or you may have one or more of the following challenges:

  • Fragmented data sources
  • Poor data quality
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Inability to retrieve and present data
  • Strategy based on guesswork

To help you react quickly in a world that demands fast business decisions, Objective’s data analytics consultancy services can reduce the time from raw, fragmented data to informed business insights through Microsoft BI database development and analytics, including SQL, R and Excel.

Data Insights Consultancy Services

Our Essex-based data insights developers and consultants include Microsoft Certified .NET developers and Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified marketers and highly experienced data analysts. Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Data Analytics and choosing your Data Partner.

Working with business leaders, marketers and technical teams our data insights services are focused on:

Business Intelligence Solutions

Solutions to prepare better data and analyse information. Through successful data integration, we can help you generate a wealth of reports and dashboards to track and manage new sales leads, existing customers and your workforce.

Marketing Intelligence Data Warehouses

As part of our data analytics services we’ll aggregate multiple data sources into a data warehouse to enable you to gain a vital insight into campaign performance.

Another data analytics function is where we help you build on your existing systems to create comprehensive marketing intelligence data warehouses and databases to monitor customer behaviour. Then, applying marketing analytics, we will use Microsoft Big Data solutions and other data analytics methods to predict trends and score leads to identify hot sales conversion potential.

Lead scoring is an accepted and effective form of data analytics as a way to establish if you have strong sales leads; it’s based on rating leads using specific pre-determined parameters so is not down to subjectivism or mere opinion.

Data Analytics Consultancy

Another way our data analytics services can help your business is in improving performance and refining your company’s business processes with unified and enriched data to expose hidden trends and predict future outcomes.

Our highly skilled consultants, data scientists and developers will deliver perceptive application of Microsoft data analytics, including SQL and R, to create bespoke advanced data insights to help you plan and execute your business strategy with confidence knowing you are acting on accurate business intelligence gained through sound data analytics and not guesswork, estimations or assumptions.

How Data Insights Can Help Drive
Business Process Improvement

There are many ways in which data insights through effective data analytics can help you improve your business performance:

  • With the help of Microsoft Big Data Solutions and business intelligence database development, we can create in-depth Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to gather information on all kinds of metrics, from customer retention statistics to profitability data.
  • Marketing intelligence data warehouses or databases can successfully aggregate disparate data sources to help you track the efficiency of your marketing campaign through logging data pertaining to the customer journey.
  • Sales leads can be scored to ensureeach and every new business opportunity is fully nurtured so time and further marketing efforts are focused on strong sales prospects.
  • Analytical reports can be created to help management identify which business and marketing efforts are the most effective and to predict trends with predictive analytics.
  • Easy to use Excel tools can be used to extract insights of day to day operations so improving efficiency and boosting productivity.
  • Machine learning – using AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech to help your systems ‘learn’ how to use data over time to fulfil a multitude of roles such as enhancing customer service, analyse customers and sales prospects, understand your market and much more.

To find out how powerful data analytics solutions can help your business, get in touch with experienced data analytics company Objective today.