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Data Strategy Consultancy

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    Data Means Business

    Data is everywhere and growing fast. Data Analytics extracts the value, meaning and secrets hidden in your data. Primarily to answer business questions and shed light on areas where previously unknown patterns and correlations exist.

    You could begin with some dashboards and visualisations or a proof of concept – if you know what you want to achieve. For some, a pragmatic approach is preferred to create a data strategy by following some logical steps.

    Consultancy for your
    data strategy involves….

    A plan of data management projects that support business goals.

    Your strategy will need to include technology, along with any improvements or changes to the company, processes, and policies.

    Data and analytics technical professionals, such as the data consultants and analysts at Objective can facilitate creating your data strategy.

    How to begin a Data Strategy

    The first step is to define your business goals. You know to get the outcomes you desire it is key to align your data strategy with your business goals.

    Business Goals / Objectives need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actioned, Relevant and Timely

    Next up is your team, tech, processes and last, but not least data.

    People with the right skills and mindset. Consider your talent pool and the company culture, who should do what? Management and data champions that breed confidence will successfully embed and cultivate a data-first culture.

    Software & Technology enabling quick access to data for business intelligence and analytics. Defining the underlying storage and service architecture such as cloud or on-premises data platforms and data warehouses.  

    Processes & Policies to ensure security and repeatable patterns. Good data governance ensures the data is reliable and can be harnessed for business value. Ungoverned data is messy and stifles productivity.

    Data, your main ingredient ensuring that it is owned, managed, trusted and understood.

    Having a successful data strategy, ideally evidenced in a roadmap, will give you competitive advantage.