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Data Science

Data creation has exploded in recent times – amazingly, 90 per cent of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. Data is being produced constantly through communications, online activity and social media platforms; there are over a billion and a half people active on Facebook each day and every minute some 450,000 tweets are sent on Twitter.

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    Data Scientist, Objective IT

    We unlock the potential of our client’s data using Microsoft Power BI. Through custom visuals, Power BI can deliver both knowledge and wisdom to our clients, enabling them to enhance their business decisions.

    Data Science and Data Scientists

    The average person going about their digital business is effectively a significant data producer, but the huge amounts being collected by companies and organisations is of little value unless it’s made use of effectively. That’s where our data science for business services come in.

    Making Use of Data With Data Science

    At Objective IT our data scientists turn data into useful intelligence using machine learning, predictive analytics and other statistical techniques.

    The role of our data scientists is to manipulate and interpret raw data for our clients. The resulting intelligence can then be used to recommend actions, answer questions, spot and track trends and inform business decisions.

    As a result of the data explosion most organisations have more data than ever before; we have all heard of the term Big Data – basically the term given to the mammoth amounts of data being collected. When large volumes are held in structured formats such as SQL databases and unstructured formats such as Word documents, exploiting data can be challenging.

    Indeed, traditional methods and software that may have been effective analysing smaller amounts of data previously simply isn’t up to the task of processing and analysing the torrents of data now coming in.

    We provide the technology and data science know-how to ensure our clients can make the most of the increasing amounts of data that is being collected. We provide state-of-the-art business intelligence and business analytics as part of our data science for business service so helping our clients to automate and simplify decision making.

    Why Use Our Data Scientists?

    Our data science team is experienced and works at the leading edge of data science in close association with the Institute of Data Analytics at Essex University – the current holders of the UNESCO Chair in Data Analytics. Our team is also backed up by highly experienced Business, Marketing and IT Consultants as well as software developers.

    Data science is a highly specialised skill that is increasing in demand as more data is being collected and companies and organisations seek to make full use of it. Indeed, it is fair to say businesses have to make the most of their data and gain as many insights possibly in order to stay knowledgeable and competitive in their marketplace. 

    Our data science for business solutions involve a specified approach to each client’s data handling and analysis requirements – we don’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. By using algorithms to ascertain which features and variables are most important to your business model, as well as heat maps and correlation charts to see real relationships between areas of your business, we can help you visualise patterns in your business.

    Armed with this intelligence you can use the information to improve and succeed – no more guess work or making assumptions; your decisions are informed by hard, up to date evidence from our top class data science for business service.

    You can benefit from our excellent track record in using data science to make a difference in both large and smaller businesses, including:

    • Using predictive analytics and machine learning to significantly increase the sales funnel
    • Improve and enhance customer segmentation
    • Reduce customer churn
    • Understand good and bad suppliers and customers
    • Improve geographic knowledge… and much more.

    Get in touch with us at Objective IT today to find out how we can help you make the most of data science for business.