Software Development

3 Myths About Bespoke Software Solutions

There are some common myths about bespoke software solutions. Here we address 3 to give you a different perspective.

This post has been written for the many businesses who rely on Excel Spreadsheets. And to assist those that re-key information into disparate systems or need staff to fill in multiple forms and chase operatives for paperwork.

Bespoke software is a great solution to automate repetitive processes, develop tailored add-ins and manage customer, sales and job information – all in a relational database. That said, there are some common myths about bespoke software which we aim to address.

Addressing some common myths

Bespoke Software Is Expensive!

Whilst there is likely to be a larger initial investment when compared to off the shelf software, in the long term bespoke developments are a cheaper solution to solve your problems. Plus, no ongoing monthly or annual licence fees!

My Business Isn’t That Different, Off The Shelf Will Do Just Fine…

Your business can differentiate itself from competitors in many distinguishable ways. Why would you then use bog standard software your competitors use if you’ve already excelled ahead of them? Your software should work the way you need it to; bespoke software can do exactly that! Software that works for you will build your productivity, resulting in better returns.

Software Makes More Mistake Than Humans!

If software is tested properly, humans will always make more mistakes than it. Bespoke software can automate repetitive tasks, eliminating the need for humans to re key information across multiple systems where errors will occur in your data.