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Data Analytics Insights

Data can hold many secrets. Our data analytics consultants and data scientists can help you unlock the value from your data. Typically, using machine learning and predictive analytics techniques, results are presented in easy to understand visualisations and dashboards. Unsure where to start? Download our guide to find out the steps when starting a typical data analytics project.

Data Analytics Guide

Delivering Data Analytics

Organisations have learned that the smartest business decisions are based on fact, not gut feel. Dashboards and reports using state of the art statistical methods and visualisation techniques can answer crucial business questions. And, with advanced analytics, machine learning and predictive analytics models can transform business planning and decision making.

You may already own Microsoft’s latest big data analytics solutions comprising tools including SQL and Power BI, both with R integration, as well as Microsoft Excel.

Get in touch when you need help exploring your data.

What our customers say

Objective worked flexibly with us to complete a variety of tasks in Azure… The solutions delivered enabled us to improve our ETL process and upskill staff.

Kate Rudd, Head of Data & Reporting


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We found the Objective team very flexible and accommodating. Objective proved very helpful.

Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director

Everglade Windows Ltd

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The people at Objective remain friendly, efficient and responsive and over a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my development partners.

Patrick Walkington, Managing Director


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The system is great and is ever growing. Thank you for helping us in making our vision real.

Lee Hatwell, Director

Munday and Cramer

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The team at Objective impressed us from the first day with a clear focus on our needs, the flexibility and determination to deliver against complex requirements, and their constructive, collaborative attitude.

Bastian Giegerich, Director-General & Chief Executive


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I’m so pleased that we engaged Objective. Their extensive support work and flexible approach has made a significant difference to Metsä Wood UK. The team is responsive, experienced and thoughtfully shares pertinent .NET expertise and technical advice.

Stuart B, IT Specialist

Metsä Wood UK

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Objective helped us to transition from our old CRM system to our new one. The team were incredibly efficient and most definitely patient, in was unarguably a complex build. We’ve been delighted with the relationship and impressed with the service throughout

Damian Waters, CEO


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Benefits of Data Analytics Insights

What are the advantages and benefits of data analytics insight for your business?

  • Informed decisions… Data-driven insights guide strategic choices, enhancing precision and effectiveness in decision-making
  • Performance optimisation… Identifies trends, enabling improvements and efficiencies across operations and strategies
  • Competitive advantage… Unveils opportunities, fostering innovation and a distinct edge in the market landscape
  • Risk mitigation… Detects potential threats or challenges, allowing proactive measures for minimised risks
  • Customer-centricity… Tailors offerings, meeting customer needs, and preferences through deep insights and understanding
  • Predictive capabilities… Forecasts trends and outcomes, aiding proactive strategies for future-proofing and proactive decision-making

Data Science & Marketing Experts

We offer marketing savvy professionals working alongside leading edge data scientists to bring you innovative and practical insights into your business.

With a growing, dedicated team undertaking advanced analytics we help our clients innovate and gain competitive edge just by listening to their own data.

Working with you…

You talk, we listen. By talking through pain points, frustrations, and challenges as well as your needs and vision allows us to get to the heart of your software requirements. Collaborating with owner-managed businesses and corporate organisations, we streamline your business processes through bespoke software, databases & mobile apps.

Your software development project will be fully managed with regular test environment iterations and milestone deliverables, all at a development pace that suits you.

We look forward to working with you.

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Data Analytics Tools And Techniques

Working together, we can help you exploit your data through:

  • Using Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business intelligence software. You’ll get answers quickly with rich dashboards and informative customer and business analytics visualisations.
  • Building predictive analytics models by applying machine learning algorithms to answer your key business questions. Take a look at our blog “How to get your data to talk to you” – which explains some of the terminology and provides illustrations.

We utilise Microsoft Data Analytics technologies such as Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio and Microsoft R Open, a leading statistical software ecosystem for data science.

  • Investigating business analytics, which encompasses more than data analytics to synthesise data trends and competitive drivers in the competitive business environment.
  • Extracting value and insight from relevant data using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and third party systems to feed into our analysis software.
  • Creating data warehouses, having a ‘single customer view’ database provides a multi-channel picture, which is a major step towards delivering successful big data analytics.