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Business Intelligence With Power BI

Businesses and organisations are generating more data than ever from a multitude of sources, and the more use that can be made of it, the more effectively businesses can cater to their market by understanding customer needs and industry trends.

To achieve this, powerful business intelligence software and know how is key and that’s where Power BI comes in.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that collates and analyses data from a wide range of sources such as Excel workbooks, SQL databases, web sites & cloud services and displays it in user friendly BI dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI comes in three main forms:

  • An extension to Excel
  • A cloud-based service
  • A desktop-based application

The Power BI dashboard aggregates your data in one location saving time and effort. With a little help from the likes of our data scientists, you can then customise these BI dashboards to create visualisations to display the analytics you need to answer crucial business questions.

An advantage of Microsoft Power BI is that its relatively easy to familiarise yourself with as it’s based on the underpinnings of Microsoft Excel that many businesses know well. This, alongside our expertise means you can quickly benefit from this much more powerful form of business intelligence.

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We unlock the potential of our client’s data using Microsoft Power BI. Through custom visuals, Power BI can deliver both knowledge and wisdom to our clients, enabling them to enhance their business decisions.

Lewis, Data Scientist, Objective IT

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How to Apply Power BI

Objective IT’s data insight consultants, data scientists and software development specialists will work with you to connect and model your data to provide useful business intelligence Power BI.

The power BI dashboard displays informative graphs, charts, maps and a plethora of visualisations that drill down to draw valuable intelligence from your data.

We can also train you to use Power BI and to modify your models allowing you to interrogate your data easily using the Power BI dashboard on the fly. Business intelligence Power BI effectively gives you the power to decide.

The Benefits of Using Power BI

  • Centralising your data – Power BI offers unparalleled insight into your business via easy to use BI dashboards. Even if you have disparate systems you’ll still be able to aggregate this data into one location.
  • Better decision making – Having all of your data in one place on BI dashboards will help you to make better decisions: for example, in having a real time view of current sales and your sales pipeline. Marketing and sales statistics can all be fed into Power BI, equipping you with the information you need to make strategic and intelligent decisions.
  • Anywhere, any place access – You can take Power BI anywhere on your tablet or laptop. You’ll be able to export insights gleaned easily with a touch of a button.
  • Low cost – Power BI is available on monthly subscription and at a low cost compared to other solutions available in the marketplace.
  • Meaningful future planning – Thanks to technologies such as machine learning capabilities, Power BI can help base future planning on more solid intelligence as opposed to vague crystal ball gazing.
  • Data handling capacity – The increasing amounts of data means less comprehensive platforms cannot easily process it: Power BI provides high data processing capabilities to meet the challenges of increased data capture.

With Power BI, Microsoft has brought data warehouse technologies into desk-based applications, thus providing businesses an affordable way to grow their Business Intelligence.

Download our “Introduction To Business Intelligence” Slidedeck today

In this slide deck you’ll discover:

  • What is business intelligence
  • Three different business intelligence technologies
  • The pros of these technologies
  • A nice, easy summary comparing the three

Your Unique Power BI Solution

Power BI comes in various ‘flavours’ and what you choose will of course depend on your requirements: we at Objective IT can help you make the most of this powerful business intelligence tech.

Small to mid-size businesses can benefit from Power BI business intelligence muscle with a package designed to suit their needs, and larger scale concerns would use a version designed for larger data volumes and more users.

We’d work with you to understand your objectives and help provide the most suitable business intelligence Power BI solution to suit your requirements.

The following shows what power BI is especially valuable for:

  • Better business decision making
  • Enlightened business planning
  • Improved data quality
  • Better-quality business transparency
  • Monitoring process performance
  • Optimising processes
  • Improving cross department working
  • Improving customer interactions
  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reducing risks and improving compliance
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Coping with growing data sets
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