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Application Development Services

An app is the much-used term for a software application that can be run on a computer or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, in order to accomplish a task quicker and easier, or provide information in easy to access form such as news on the go and weather updates.

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    David Leigh

    Business Development Manager, GT Exhibitions

    The exhibitions industry is a fast moving business and we required a system that allowed us to work with our sales and event data in an efficient and professional way. The Objective team took the time to understand our business and worked with us in providing exactly what we wanted.

    Cross Platform App Development

    No doubt you already use some or all the above and other widely available social media apps, news apps, fitness apps, and very likely map apps to help you find your way or show where amenities are to be found wherever you are located.

    Apps are also very useful in business to fulfil a multitude of tasks including:

    • Communicate with people remotely, even worldwide.
    • Assist in project and task management.
    • Schedule activities.
    • Save and make better use of time.
    • Provide key business information such as financial data and market intelligence.

    Perhaps you have now decided you need an app to advance your business? If so, you will require the services of an experienced app development company. That’s where Objective comes in…

    Application development is exactly what we do… we’re an app development specialist designing, developing and deploying software apps to achieve exactly what our client requires of them across various platforms including Apple’s iOS (iPhone or iPad users), or Android – the world’s most widely used mobile platform found in many mobile devices from the likes of Samsung, LG and Google to name a few.

    Our Values

    Our mission is: ‘Turning Vision into Success’

    • Passionate… about building innovation
    • Friendly… developing long term relationships with our clients
    • Flexible… working together effectively
    • Expert… to provide the best solution
    • Transparent… keeping you in the loop with regular updates and communications

    Bespoke App Development

    We use the latest in app development software combined with our many years’ experience as cross platform app development experts to create a solution tailored to your needs.

    We understand no two business’s requirements are the same, so – starting from scratch with a ‘blank canvas’ – we design your app from the ground up.

    This bespoke approach is the core of our application development services, and a primary reason why many clients and organisations of varying types, and therefore differing needs, choose to work with us to achieve their objectives through app development.

    Many clients started their relationship with us after initially searching online for ‘app development Essex,’ or maybe ‘app development London’ along with those looking for experienced app development professionals nationwide.

    Your Development Partner

    Our approach is consultative and collaborative. We’re about nurturing relationships to help key decision makers’ bridge the gap between technology and their business.

    You’ll be partnering with a team of experienced software developers and technical project managers with considerable experience of business app development to scope, build, deliver and support your mobile or web app while keeping you fully involved and informed along the way.

    Microsoft Gold Partner – Applications

    Whilst we have been developing and integration applications for a long time, recently we have proven we can do it successful for our clients by becoming a Microsoft partner in both application integration and application development in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

    To make the most of what an app working across various mobile platforms can do for your business, speak to the cross platform app development professionals so we can start work on your bespoke app solution now.