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Web App Development Services

If you are looking for cutting-edge, bespoke, mobile-friendly, database-driven web applications – Objective based in Essex, can help you.

Our web app development team creates business apps and web database solutions tailored exactly to your needs to deliver a secure ‘anywhere, anytime’ user experience at competitive prices.

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    Patrick Walkington

    Managing Director, Gainsmore.

    The people at Objective remain friendly, efficient and responsive and after nearly a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my web app development partners.

    Web Application Software

    We aim to help you harness the power of web apps through web application software specifically designed to achieve your business objectives; we accomplish this by working with you to understand your needs fully so as to develop the most effective web apps for you.

    What Do You Want from
    Your Web App?

    There are many B2B interactions and internal processes that can benefit from web app development.

    Whether it’s an application that’s designed to communicate with your staff or clients, or a white-label web product you plan to resell, our experienced Microsoft .NET development team can build a bespoke app that works exactly the way you want it to.

    With niche software development skills and a great track record of building database-driven web applications for a variety of clients both large and small across various business types, our application developers can:

    • Intelligently capture, merge and manipulate complex data
    • Skilfully feed data to your website
    • Expertly present the information online in a style that suits you

    You can be confident that your web app or web database will provide a great user experience as it will have been designed by web app development experts with a strong track record in helping organisations just like yours.

    Along with fulfilling the functions you demand of it, your new web app will be highly user friendly thanks to our design priority in making tech easy to use: your app will benefit from simple navigation, easy access and efficient provision of up-to-date information.

    We’re the first port of call for many organisations throughout Essex and the rest of the UK who want to streamline and mobilise their business processes.

    Mobile Web Applications

    Naturally you need your web app to be mobile-friendly and usable on various sized screens whether larger tablets or smaller smartphones. Our web app development incorporates ease of use on various devices, so a responsive design allows your web app to be viewable on even the smallest mobile screens and ensures that it works well with touch screens.

    Objective recognises that mobile users have specific needs and because of this we design our mobile web apps with the following in mind:

    • Finger-friendly navigation
    • Speed
    • Targeted functionality
    • Eye catching visuals
    • Differentiation from competitors

    By using a fluid layout along with media queries to alter the design and the template of a web app, Objective can ensure your app looks just as professional on a Microsoft Surface, an Android powered smartphone or tablet and an iPhone or iPad; we offer a true multi platform app solution.

    We will also ensure that file sizes are kept to a minimum so whether your staff or customers are using Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G your web app will load seamlessly.

    Put the power of web apps at your disposal with the latest in web application software from the web app development professionals at Objective – talk to us about your requirements today.