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Mobile Apps

Objective specialise in developing native and cross platform mobile and tablet apps that allow you to extend your internal systems and databases and use them on the move.

Being able to work when on the road or offline is driving the smartphone and tablet app market; as specialists in business applications, we have developed mobile apps to help a diverse variety of clients work more efficiently.

It’s no surprise those searching for ‘mobile app development Essex’ or ‘mobile app development London’ and even further afield find their solution when working with the experts at Objective. For example, recent mobile apps for business include: sales team lead management and job details for engineers working on the road.

Do you want a mobile app to communicate effectively with your customers? Perhaps you need a native tablet app focusing on either iOS or Android app development to systemise employee communications and aid staff productivity? This is especially useful when your team are off site and don’t have an active internet connection.

In these and many other cases, we have the mobile app development experience to help.

Our talented mobile app developers also have extensive experience in data integration and mobile database development. This means we can build and integrate the back-office database systems that will make your mobile and tablet apps work effectively with other internal business platforms.

This organisation-wide system integration is a huge boost for efficiency and productivity, and many of our clients rely on us to help provide this through effective creation of mobile apps for their specific business needs. Contact us if you’re looking for expert mobile app development in Essex to chat about your mobile app development objectives. We can create a mockup for you to test before development onto your chosen mobile platform.

Karen Harding

Head Of Marketing & Client Relations, Objective

With our mobile development skills … you can extend the reach of your business, provide mobile users with a positive experience and have relevant information delivered easily and quickly into your centralised systems.

Mobile Database Integration

By working together on your mobile app development project, we can help you:

  • Transform your business processes.
  • Increase customer engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve efficiency through better time saving and utilisation.
  • Improve productivity through improved communications, task completion and management.

We achieve this through the development of first class mobile and tablet applications either specifically for iOS or Android devices along with cross platform apps.

If you’re thinking every device should be able to access your app – often very useful in mobile apps for business – cross platform app development is the answer; we can build cross platform apps to deliver speedy, personalised content to multiple devices.

Our Essex based mobile development team build native business apps for devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone along with Android powered tablets and smartphones.

Developing Your
Mobile Strategy

When you’re considering mobile app development, it’s worth taking time developing your mobile strategy. Here are some basic rules that we always share with our clients:

  • Take an iterative approach – don’t expect everything to fall into place ‘big bang’ style. Start now using small steps and phase in mobile app development to ensure it can be adequately tested by those who really matter: your audience.
  • Decide which mobile platform you want to concentrate on first. Use data to understand your audience and their goals as this will help you prioritise your actions and gain team consensus.
  • Understand the business implications of your mobile app development project: factor in the cost, time and skills involved in the process, and remember; mobile apps are a long-term commitment and investment.

Mobile App Design

Our mobile app development services focus on creating tailor-made native and cross-platform apps to work online and offline, send push notifications to customers, and offer interactional or transactional experiences on specific devices.

Whatever your situation, we’re experienced across many platforms so are well equipped to help.

You may be focusing on specific or multi platforms: for example, we’ve worked with clients initially searching for ‘iOS app development London’ or alternatively ‘Android app development London’ and others searching generally for ‘mobile app development.’

For your mobile application to work smoothly on your chosen platform we will ensure the appropriate user interfaces are applied. Essentially, our designers consider the speed, functionality and usability to ensure you achieve a successful mobile solution.

If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable mobile app development company to help you make the most of the potential of apps in your business or organisation, then talk to the experts at Objective IT today.