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Data Science Consultancy

The aim of data science projects is finding a new opportunity that will grow revenue and improve performance. Typically, it all starts with identifying a problem or asking a crucial business question.
Our consultants can also assist in this first step by identifying key value creation opportunities supported by exploratory data analysis / data science…

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    Consultancy for data science involves…

    Guiding you to where to extract the value, meaning and secrets hidden in your data.

    Initially we look at your data ecosystem. All data sources. For example, CRM systems, Databases, Third-party data sources and any from IOT – raw data sources from sensors or devices.

    For organisations that already have a data warehouse – you have a head start!

    By selecting the best tools and technologies, such as visualisation tool, Microsoft Power BI or AI and machine learning technologies for predictive analytics, we will get to the route of the problem and provide answers, in context.

    Our Values

    Our mission is: ‘Turning Vision into Success’

    • Passionate… about building innovation
    • Friendly… developing long term relationships with our clients
    • Flexible… working together effectively
    • Expert… to provide the best solution
    • Transparent… keeping you in the loop with regular updates and communications

    Working with you…

    You are seeking consultancy services that will make a significant contribution to your business. Working together, we’ll define the business issues/ opportunities, collect and analyse your data to gain in depth understanding, and recommend a course of action.

    Alongside planning and implementation of your new strategies, tools, and data models our joint focus is on building and transferring capabilities and skills. Delivering training and methods to embed a data culture, ensures your investment is sustained to elevate future business growth, and empower your team.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Business Intelligence Insights

    Visualisations and interactive dashboards are created to display insights in real-time. These insights can be interrogated for further in-depth knowledge.

    Predictive Modelling Insights

    Data science consultants build data models specific to the client’s requirements. These models are then tested on the client’s data to produce insights. Some organisations modify and refine model’s results, using their domain expertise.
    Organisations have found that the most common data science use cases are improving customer-facing activities, optimising internal processes with data-driven insights, and expanding their markets or product/service portfolios.

    Turning Vision into Success

    As a tech agency Objective’s team includes software developers and data scientists. Software development is the activity of designing and building a modern data product or internal tool. This is basically the ‘doing’ part of data science consulting.

    To turn insights into action it’s the consultant’s role to create a feasible action plan that will include both process and technology changes. These steps can also include rolling out models built during the project to empower operational decisions.