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Business Intelligence

You know that as a business leader it’s important to have timely information at your fingertips.
Our business intelligence consultants work with many directors and CEOs who benefit from having relevant management information just when they need it. Unsure where to start? Download our guide to find out the steps when starting a typical data analytics project.

Data Analytics Guide

How to unlock value from your data

When we talk about business intelligence solutions, we mean clever ways to pull fragmented data sources together as well as developing KPI dashboards, a KPI report solution, BI dashboards, client dashboards and business scorecards to help you visualise and track information.

It’s not just about what happened, it’s about what’s happening, right now in real time!

Our approach is very much based on suiting your particular requirements; it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ way of working.

We listen to you and get to know what you require specifically regarding business intelligence solutions, and develop a framework using business intelligence Power BI, KPI report solution and other technologies to deliver it.

What our customers say

Objective worked flexibly with us to complete a variety of tasks in Azure… The solutions delivered enabled us to improve our ETL process and upskill staff.

Kate Rudd, Head of Data & Reporting


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We found the Objective team very flexible and accommodating. Objective proved very helpful.

Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director

Everglade Windows Ltd

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The people at Objective remain friendly, efficient and responsive and over a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my development partners.

Patrick Walkington, Managing Director


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The system is great and is ever growing. Thank you for helping us in making our vision real.

Lee Hatwell, Director

Munday and Cramer

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The team at Objective impressed us from the first day with a clear focus on our needs, the flexibility and determination to deliver against complex requirements, and their constructive, collaborative attitude.

Bastian Giegerich, Director-General & Chief Executive


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I’m so pleased that we engaged Objective. Their extensive support work and flexible approach has made a significant difference to Metsä Wood UK. The team is responsive, experienced and thoughtfully shares pertinent .NET expertise and technical advice.

Stuart B, IT Specialist

Metsä Wood UK

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Objective helped us to transition from our old CRM system to our new one. The team were incredibly efficient and most definitely patient, in was unarguably a complex build. We’ve been delighted with the relationship and impressed with the service throughout

Damian Waters, CEO


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Benefits of Business Intelligence

What are the advantages and benefits of business intelligence solutions for your business?

  • Real-time Insights… Business intelligence dashboards provide instant, data-driven insights, enabling timely decision-making and strategic responses 
  • Enhanced Visibility… Visualizations and analytics offer a comprehensive view of key performance indicators, fostering transparency and understanding of business operations
  • Improved Efficiency… Streamlined data analysis and reporting processes optimize workflow efficiency, reducing time spent on manual tasks
  • Data-Driven… Informed decision-making is facilitated by accessible, actionable data, empowering stakeholders
  • Competitive Advantage… Swift access to relevant information allows businesses to stay ahead, anticipate trends, and gain a competitive edge

Power BI For Business Intelligence

Developing within the Microsoft Power BI database platform, including SQL and Excel, our .NET development team focus on helping you create:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. We develop KPI reports to measure the performance of certain areas of your business. For example, you can gather data relating to customer retention/attrition and customer profitability. Our KPI report solution provides summaries and detailed information on how well or poorly these areas perform.
  • KPI & BI Dashboards help you visualise and track information. Displayed as charts, graphs and gauges, dashboards are often accessible via client portals or web applications. The user can drill through the top level information into the supporting data.
    Perfect for an immediate view of real time results.
  • Business Scorecards assist with performance management. Business scorecards indicate your organisation’s progress towards stated strategic goals. This then cascades down through the business to all supporting and contributing metrics, groups, and individuals.

Working with you…

You talk, we listen. By talking through pain points, frustrations, and challenges as well as your needs and vision allows us to get to the heart of your software requirements. Collaborating with owner-managed businesses and corporate organisations, we streamline your business processes through bespoke software, databases & mobile apps.

Your software development project will be fully managed with regular test environment iterations and milestone deliverables, all at a development pace that suits you.

We look forward to working with you.

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Microsoft BI Database Development:
SQL And Excel, Including Power BI

You may already know what metrics and data you will need to collect. That’s great. But you are likely to need help applying business intelligence to extract useful and meaningful data insights that can help you improve performance. That’s where Business Intelligence Consultancy can help.

We work with the technologies and applications that many small and larger organisations have already invested in, such as Microsoft BI database, SQL server and Microsoft Excel – the most popular BI and data management tool of all.

You may also be thinking about Power BI development, which is part of the Office 365 stack.

We can assist in applying business intelligence Power BI to give everyone in your organisation a powerful new way to interrogate your data! With natural language queries your team can create Power BI visuals in minutes.

Strong Communication When Developing Your
Business Intelligence System

You have access to the people within our company designing your business intelligence system; we don’t outsource so everyone concerned in your project is working under our roof.

We’re thoroughly transparent with you; we don’t lock up code or make it otherwise impossible for you to develop the framework we’ve set up for you using other professional developers. We’re keen to establish an open relationship rather than you feeling like you’ve been ‘locked in’.

This transparency is reflected in our pricing policy; we strive to avoid any nasty surprises or leaving you unsure exactly what financial investment you’ll be making in your business intelligence solutions.

We can offer either a fixed price design and development model or a more agile version for projects involving more variables. We’ll be happy to discuss the implications of both and let you choose what suits your situation and requirements the best.

One way we build cost savings into your new business intelligence system is to build a ‘hands on’ framework you can use and give feedback on before we start on the full development. This is more meaningful than basing everything purely on a paper design.

Work with The Experts in Business Intelligence Solutions

We’re committed to keeping you informed every step of the way as we develop your business intelligence system; to this end monthly calls are arranged, and our client portal enables you to log in and see the completed work.

Our service to you doesn’t end once your project is up and running; we’d be pleased to provide you with ongoing support and continued access to our client portal so you can easily log support requests.  

Engage with us for successful Microsoft BI database development. We will help you build and manage a Business Intelligence solution to suit your business, so talk to the business intelligence solutions experts today to see how we can help you make the most of your key information.