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Digital Transformation Consultancy

In the past, businesses tended to move forward cautiously with digital transformation.
Whereas now, companies are relying on digital transformation consultancy and implementation for the stability and agility it offers their operations, workforce, and customers.
When you are ready to make digital progress – let’s talk…

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    Digital transformation isn’t solely viewed as a source of innovation. It has become a requirement for business continuity. By enabling teams to work and connect anywhere and organisations to rapidly adjust in the face of a crisis.

    Consultancy for digital
    transformation involves…

    Technology advances in data capture and analytics, improved access to data, as well as the ability to build innovative, bespoke software solutions. Thus, enabling organisations to test and apply technologies such as AI and machine learning to unlock key insights and deliver sustained value. There is no perfect way to approach digital transformation. Some organisations start with a pilot project in a small part of the organisation. Others roll out a larger proof of concept and quickly test and iterate for a broader and more immediate business impact.

    Our Values

    Our mission is: ‘Turning Vision into Success’

    • Passionate… about building innovation
    • Friendly… developing long term relationships with our clients
    • Flexible… working together effectively
    • Expert… to provide the best solution
    • Transparent… keeping you in the loop with regular updates and communications

    Working with you…

    You are seeking consultancy services that will make a significant contribution to your business. Working together, we’ll define the business issues/ opportunities, collect and analyse your data to gain in depth understanding, and recommend a course of action.

    Alongside planning and implementation of your new strategies, tools, and data models our joint focus is on building and transferring capabilities and skills. Delivering training and methods to embed a data culture, ensures your investment is sustained to elevate future business growth, and empower your team.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Four Stages of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy – courtesy of a Microsoft Gold Partner

    You may want to start at the very beginning or jump into a ‘stage’ depending on where you are in your organisation’s readiness to embrace digital changes. Our consultants can facilitate each part and provide technical and data guidance throughout.

    Stage 1 Envision Your Future Business

    A series of activities such as business capability mapping including what’s possible, customer journey mapping along with business model selection all wrapped up in an envisioning workshop.

    Invite all heads of departments to get a collective vision and perspective of what can be achieved.

    Together, defining a clear vision and strategy is key to developing a strong roadmap to help move your business forward.

    Envisioning Outcomes: 

    New product and service ideas / New approaches to daily challenges / A prioritised area of focus /A transformational strategy /Alignment on business models.

    Stage 2 Creating a Business Case

    Next is applying the financial and technical aspects to build assessments that help drive a compelling case for investment in your organisation’s digital transformation.

    A business value assessment helps financially quantify the business value of the team’s proposed solutions, including return on investment, revenue growth, cost savings and employee efficiencies. A technology assessment brings stakeholders together to review current technology and future needs, with the envisioned goals in mind.

    Assessment Outcomes:

    Business value assessment with baseline data and business outcome projections / Technical assessment with customised, technology roadmap.

    Stage 3 Share Your Vision

    Now is the time to share your vision with the board or decision makers who didn’t participate in earlier stages of your digital transformation process. It’s your opportunity to generate a solution demonstration via a prototype or proof of concept/value to build excitement and actively persuade key decision makers and influencers.

    Prototype Outcomes:

    Map out stakeholders who will experience the prototype, build, test, and share with target audiences / Gather stakeholder feedback, adapt, and refine.

    Stage 4 Achieve Your Vision

    This stage moves your team from vision to action through a business transformation plan. Activities include creating the blueprint journey, containing assessment outcomes, and allocating budget to realise your plan.

    Monitor with regular reviews, manage expectations, and share successes. Tweak the plan as needed. Regardless of the size of your project, being agile and regularly updating iterations are key to achieving the desired business impact of your digital transformation strategy.

    Action Outcomes:

    A ready to use plan with clear steps to perform a digital transformation pilot project.