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Difficulties When Implementing New Software

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Are you trying to get new software implemented into your business?

However, you’re finding that decision makers are getting in the way and are reluctant to embrace change…? You’re sure that digital transformation will help improve business processes and efficiencies, but your directors are happy in the way everything is running right now…?

We know how you feel. As being a software supplier, we often come across ‘hurdles’ whereby prospects believe new software just isn’t for them. However, more often than not, these excuses can come from just a lack of knowledge and expertise into how processes can be run more efficiently. Therefore, in this blog we take a look at some hurdles that you may come up against alongside giving you suggestions as to how you can overcome them…

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They’re too busy…

Whilst you may have busy periods during the year, you’ll like also have downtime where new systems can be implemented as to minimise disruption to your working day. We understand that implementing new software can have a huge effect on a business, and so this can be done when is best for you.

It’s too expensive…

A bespoke system can cost tens of thousands of pounds, yes. Now consider all the monthly subscriptions you pay to utilise other software services that don’t even function the exact way you want them to half of the time. These subscriptions quickly add up, and can soon overtake an initial investment in bespoke software. If you’re worried about a huge cost, you can also implement bespoke software in stages to reduce costs across multiple years.

4 Circles With Logos In Each One

People won’t know how to use it…

Bespoke software can be designed to look and feel exactly how you want. If you have a system that it’s taking over from, it can be designed to look very similar so that there’s minimal impact when you implement the system. Also, we always ensure that there’s adequate user testing and training when the system is rolled out to ensure you and your employees fully understand how to get the most out of your software.

You’re comfortable with where you are now…

It may seem easier and more cost effective to you to stick with the same business methods that you’ve been using for tens of years. However, the time and resources saved using bespoke software and automation can free up a serious amount of time for your employees, giving them time to do the work they really want to be doing. Also, think about where you want your business to be in five years time, and will your current methods still be viable in an even greater tech driven world?

If you’re still struggling to implement bespoke software into your business but would like to know more, please get in touch with our team today and we can help put together a digital transformation plan with you.