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Have a custom solution means the app can run according to your business processes. A bespoke application will save you time by automating repetitive tasks.

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Businesses Have Better Results With Custom Development

Take a look around you. How many people do you know in your work or social environment that don’t use a mobile phone? Smartphones and tablets are becoming a massive tool of choice across all industries, with 4 in 5 workers using at least 1 mobile device in their course of work; and where is most of this time spent? Over 90% of internet time on smartphones is spent in apps.

In 2017, a third off office software was based in the cloud. With more vendors hitting the market alongside an increase in smartphone availability, a world is emerging in which employees are spending more time performing business activities in the cloud on mobile devices, likely in apps.

These apps which all that time is spent within therefore need to be efficient and effective. This way, business time is spent being productive. This is why we push the idea that whilst off the shelf apps may be a quick temporary fix to a problem you’re currently facing, a bespoke mobile app will work with your business logic and processes to ensure that it complements what you’re doing. So what benefits are there to using bespoke…?

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Fitting The App To The Business

Have a custom solution means the app can be designed to run with your business processes. With off the shelf tools, businesses often find that their business processes have to be modified to fit the app, when we know this shouldn’t be the case. Having to change your processes will certainly disrupt business efficiency, whereas a bespoke application can in fact save you time by automating repetitive manual tasks.

Bringing Competitive Edge

You differentiate you products and services from your competitors, so why would you use the same off the shelf software they’re using? If not, it’s likely that you’ll be equally efficient in delivering quality to your customers. Having your own custom developed software will give you the upper hand against competitors, delivering a faster, better, cheaper service to customers.

Having And Using What You Need

When you use off the shelf software, which has often been designed for ‘general business use’, it will inevitably have functionality that will be useless to your company. You’re therefore paying for something that you won’t use, with the possibility of implementing processes that are unnecessary and over complex. A bespoke app will deliver what you need in a clean format.

Staying In Control

Like most generic software applications, off the shelf apps are frequently updated, with little to nothing you can do to steer the direction these updates will take. However, with a bespoke mobile application any change requests will be made by your business, for your business and are readily tested so upon the update the run smoothly without business interruption.

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