Bespoke databases provide multiple benefits to businesses.

However, users can sometimes feel uneasy leaving Excel’s easy-to-use and efficient sort and filtering functionality behind. As a result, many databases we build either use Excel style grids or include an export to Excel option for users.

If your bespoke database is built in .NET, then using Telerik’s RadGrid you can add Excel style functionality to your tables. In this blog we explore the functionality available for users and the benefits of using the Telerik RadGrid for your business.

If it would be beneficial for your users to see totals grouped by product, filter with commands such as ‘Does Not Contain’ or reorder columns then have a look at Telerik’s demo on their website.

Telerik Radgrid


  • Increase productivity through allowing users to focus on only what they need with row or cell selection
  • Get better results by providing users with the ability to drill down into information with Excel like filtering
  • Impress your users with drag and drop functionality to organise columns
  • Reduce the need to export data and keep multiple spreadsheets

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