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Scenario explaining possible solutions when Crystal Reports aren’t working for your business. Using Word templates are much more convenient.

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Many databases use Crystal Reports to generate reports and documentation.


Changes to Crystal Reports can be both time consuming and expensive as there is a reliance on highly skilled developers to make even simple changes. Although Crystal is great for lists of data, it is not easily customisable.


Using Word templates is a much more convenient way of generating documentation you need to make changes to or edit to add personal touches. Word templates can be created for most documentation and then in a similar style to mail merge, merge fields are entered, which pull information from the database allowing tailored letters, certificates, invoices and other documentation as required. Word templates can be changed by non-technical staff, saving money and time.

Objective can help you re-program your database to use Microsoft Word rather than Crystal Reports. Objective can even build tailored Word Add-ins for you to simplify the process further.


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