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Job Management Diary System

Job Management System incorporates comprehensive planning, operator SMS messaging and generates invoices for seamless job processing.


PD Stonham is a successful road surfacing and machinery hire company based in Essex. Bondgrip is their registered brand.

As a growing business PD Stonham wanted to replace their existing paper-based processes. Their main requirement for the new system was to enable staff to efficiently manage the allocation of operators and machinery.

With Objective’s help we have built an efficient job management system with scope for change and addition. We are becoming a sleeker more efficient operation
Tim Plumb. Technical Manager, PD Stonham Ltd

The Challenge

PD Stonham were using a paper-based system consisting of diaries, job sheets and spreadsheets to control and record the allocation of operators and machinery to the jobs they receive from their customers.

As the business grew this system was becoming cumbersome to operate. The staff were having to enter information to a paper-based diary and a spreadsheet as well as collating job sheets and timesheets to create invoices. This process was very time intensive.

The Solution

Objective created PD Stonham a Job Management Diary system, which records information on a job, operator and machinery usage, plus the system generates invoices.

A real time diary ‘planner’ identifies colour coded Day and Night jobs to reflect the legacy paper-based diaries, which feels familiar for the staff and encouraged user adoption. The jobs are clickable, whereby staff can drill though into the job details.

A map showing jobs as day and night pins is a more recent addition, as the system has evolved over time.

One of the main objectives for PD Stonham was to automate labour intensive processes and have the ability to handle bigger clients. Useful features such as SMS messages, which are sent to operators automatically, ensures that jobs are acknowledged. Working hour information is extracted from the job system. Consequently, staff can produce all timesheet data for an operator – including overtime and cancelled jobs that are still due to be invoiced.

PD Stonham can generate invoices and applications for payment straight from the system. Additionally, the system centrally stores information on Customers, Contacts and Sites meaning records can be easily searched.

PD Stonham Job Management System Map Locations

The Results & Benefits

  • Improved Productivity – reduced time entering records and rekeying information.
  • Increased staff morale – due to more efficient processing.
  • Efficient Processing of invoices – utilising SMS messaging to record working hours.
  • Search facility – easier to find information through easy-to-use data filters rather than flicking through a diary manually.
  • Quicker issue handling – the ability to search through records means issues such as operator sickness or machine breakdown can be changed quickly and easily.

“Objective was delighted to rise to the challenge. Helping another unique business battling with a mountain of paperwork and spreadsheets. Our development team has created a superior bespoke software product that meets their exact needs”

David, Project Manager, Objective

The Technology


SQL Server

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