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Web Portal Update and Redesign for Gainsmore

“The people at Objective remain friendly efficient and responsive and after nearly a decade of working together I am really pleased that I chose them as my development partners”

Patrick Walkington, Managing Director, Gainsmore.

About Gainsmore

In 2007 Gainsmore approached Objective to build a web based portal for independent retailers. Managing Director of Gainsmore, Patrick Walkington, recognised there was no single resource available on the internet enabling corner shop owners to manage their trading accounts online. Gainsmore and Objective created a Portal that permits independent retailers to review supplier product lists and special offers, contact suppliers or pay for goods.

After almost a decade of working together to improve and maintain the portal, it still works well for Gainsmore and their customers. Although innovative and unique in 2007, the look and feel of the portal was almost 10 years old and in need of a refresh. Working together, Gainsmore and Objective have brought a fresh new face to the portal.

The Solution

Gainsmore Web Portal

New Look

Objective used the existing Gainsmore logo and colour scheme, but brought in a cleaner, wider design along with a new font for a modern new look.

Responsive Design

The portal is responsively designed using HTML5. This means busy retailers and suppliers can now use the portal more effectively from their smartphones or tablets.

Updated Controls

Old Windows controls have been updated to Telerik controls. They have been updated to improve the way Gainsmore can upload and edit text in the back end of the portal.

The Telerik editor allows Gainsmore design or HTML editing and a preview option. The design editing provides standard formatting options such as text alignment or bold.


  • .NET
  • Telerik
  • CSS
  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript

“It is great to see the portal still providing value to Gainsmore. As always, Pat is a pleasure to work with and we hope Gainsmore’s customers enjoy the new look and using the portal more effectively on mobile and tablets.”

Rob Galley, Development Director, Objective Computing Ltd.