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Advantages of Bespoke Software

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It’s fair to say that no two businesses or organisations are alike, and this is reflected in their IT requirements. For example, a chain of estate agent offices will differ considerably in their IT use compared to a charity or a construction company.

Off the shelf solutions means compromise, and often improvisation, to make certain software packages meet specific needs. This can often result in extra time taken to complete tasks, certain functions not being available and other drawbacks.

Bespoke software: a sound long term investment

In some cases, the possible cost savings of using ‘off the shelf’ solutions is offset over time through missing opportunities and productivity compromises.
For example, through lack of functionality and too much time being taken over certain tasks: bespoke software development – software designed specifically for purpose – could improve on this.

Some of the advantages of bespoke software:

  • Automation – certain business-specific repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be automated or at least simplified.
  • Time saving – cutting out time consuming tasks or at least reducing the time they’d take compared to using an ‘off the shelf’ solution boosts productivity and thus your bottom line.
  • Functionality – software can be designed to meet your exact requirements so you don’t have to compromise or do without a certain facility because an off the shelf package can’t offer it.
  • Flexibility – if your requirements change – for example you diversify into new activities or there’s sustained business growth – your bespoke software can adapt with you. It doesn’t mean you have to ‘rip it up and start again’ as you might using an off the shelf solution.
  • Cost effectiveness – your investment in bespoke software will not only save costs due to likely improved productivity and increased functionality. It will save you money in the long run through not having ongoing license fees and not having to make wholesale replacements to existing software as you outgrow it.

Bespoke software specialists: your business partner

Talking to software development specialists, such as Objective IT, is a useful first step in exploring the advantages of bespoke software development and how it can help you and your business.

We can discuss how bespoke databases, desktop and mobile apps, systems integration and your other IT needs can be turned into custom designed solutions to help your business thrive now and into the future. With a software developer of repute such as Objective IT, you can expect an ongoing business partnership – not just the initial development and setting up of your systems.

Along with developing new software to meet your demands – for example, a purpose-built client or staff portal – we can, if appropriate, integrate customised software development with your existing set up so you may not have to entirely start from scratch.

You may have various databases that aren’t connected and require lots of receptive re-keying of the same data: we could likely reconfigure these to get them ‘talking’ to each other so reducing time spent keying information and making them more powerful resources for your business.


What are the steps to provide bespoke software?

At Objective IT, a logical process from initial briefing and discussion of your needs to final ‘handover’ of your software is followed:

  • Briefing – we get to know you and your business to fully understand your requirements.
  • Concept and design – together we work on the specification and where possible we create a framework that you can test and provide feedback on before full development starts.
  • Development – following an agreed timetable, we build your new software.
  • Quality assurance – we use a beta system and share it with you to test it in your business environment.
  • Final handover – when you’re happy and ‘sign off’ your new software we discuss and implement an ongoing support package.

What bespoke software can my business use?

Whether you want to integrate existing databases so they communicate with each other, create a brand-new client or staff portal, develop a mobile app for staff or customers or generally integrate your existing systems in a more effective way, you can benefit from the advantages of bespoke software.

  • Databases – we can modernise and adapt existing databases and spreadsheets to reduce repetitive tasks such as re-keying the same data.
  • Mobile apps – we can develop a mobile solution whether for customer interaction or for internal use to improve work practices and boost productivity, especially with remote workers.
  • Systems integration – bespoke systems integration so your data sources can be accessed efficiently via web services, apps and databases.

How much does bespoke software cost?

It naturally varies based on the size and scope of your business and specific requirements.

Maybe you require a new client portal? Or perhaps you’re interested in an entire ‘suite’ of bespoke software including systems integration with your existing solutions?

With a team of software developers and technical project managers we are happy to discuss your needs and provide an estimate costing based on such.

Just get in touch and we will get back to you.