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The march of technology is fuelling the increased use of bespoke software packages for businesses and organisations of all sizes and types; the latest software development technology is able to both create ever-more user specific software solutions and put them into the hands of a multitude of different users.

Fast growing software development technologies such as, for example, AI (Artificial Intelligence) – or machine learning – is adding a new dimension to what is possible, and the ever-growing mountains of data being collected and the tech to harness it – Big Data – is helping to provide tremendously powerful new software solutions.

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    The rise of bespoke software technology

    Companies and organisations of all types and sizes are increasingly benefiting from the technologies used in software development; they can easily have software created by a professional software development company that precisely meets their individual needs as opposed to ‘making do’ with off the shelf solutions as was the case for many in the relatively recent past.

    For example, even smaller outfits can benefit from the advantages of collecting and storing huge amounts of data – made possible by Big data tech. Indeed, data-related tech is amongst the main software technologies in demand.

    Advanced software development technologies for all

    There was a time when data use on a large scale was the preserve of larger organisations and businesses with the financial means to pay for expensive physical storage solutions, but smaller concerns can also benefit from larger scale data use through using relatively inexpensive storage methods such as the cloud.

    This in turn provides plenty of ‘ammunition’ for creating powerful, data driven bespoke software packages that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their objectives – whether it’s software to increase productivity, streamline processes, communicate and serve customers better and more.

    Some examples of software development
    technologies in demand:

    Microsoft Power Apps

    With Power Apps, the tech giant has effectively put bespoke app development into the hands of in-house technology teams. Encouraging those that may only have limited experience of software design techniques, such as coding, to build their own business apps.

    Put simply, Power Apps is a software development technology for in-house app creation. It works seamlessly with other popular packages such as Excel to create apps using intuitive drag and drop interfaces. In a similar way to template-driven website design platforms like WordPress. The apps created for a given specific purpose can run on PC browsers, mobiles and tablets.

    Data Warehouse

    In the same way a physical warehouse storing goods may house a variety of different products such as materials stock for a manufacturing business or goods shipped to customers, a data warehouse stores data from various sources for eventual analysis.

    Data warehouse is NOT another term for ‘database’: the two are different in that a database stores specific types of data and certain related things are done with it. The chances are good that if you collect and store large amounts of data, you’ll use both – and data warehouse tech is a key component in software development technologies.

    Power BI

    Developed by Microsoft, Power BI (Business Intelligence) is an interactive data analytics tool that makes large scale data analysis quick and efficient.

    Power BI pulls data from a wide range of systems whether held physically or in the cloud to track the metrics you are particularly interested in and then presents them in user friendly dashboards for easy viewing.

    From here you can ‘interrogate’ your data to extract the salient information required: it’s an excellent technology for turning unrelated sources of data into one immersive and easily understood whole – and is easily sharable with others across the business.


    What is software technology?

    Generally, ‘software development technologies’ is the collective term to cover the various tech elements that are used to create software solutions.

    These can range from the type of coding used to write the software, the types of creation tech - for example Microsoft Power Apps as described earlier - and other software technologies in demand such as AI, or more specifically machine learning, that provides packages that can ‘think’ as humans do: an example being the software powering chatbots.

    Other related software development technology includes large scale data gathering, storage and manipulation - Big Data - that can make the latest software packages so powerful and valuable to the user.

    The various technologies used in software development can collectively help many businesses improve productivity, streamline their business processes, enhance their marketing and customer service - the list goes on.

    The advances in software development technology harnessed with the help of expert software developers to design bespoke software means you can likely create a software package or app to meet your specific business requirement.

    The key is to determine exactly what you’d like to achieve by software designed especially for your needs, then discuss these with a seasoned software development company to find out what’s possible.

    Solutions can be provided at various price points, but it’s worth asking the question: how much could bespoke software designed exactly for your purposes increase your bottom line in terms of possible improvements in sales, productivity, customer relations and a host more benefits?

    It’s fair to say your investment in software development technologies through the expert developers who can put them to use for you in creating your bespoke software or app would likely be more than offset by cost savings and increased profits.

    At least it’s well worth talking to an experienced software development partner to discuss the possibilities open to you through technologies used in software development.