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BOT was that? 5 uses of AI Bots

Introducing AI Bots. Highlighting the many uses of Chat Bots. Examples of what they do and how you can use Chat Bots to provide quick and effective customer service.

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Microsoft’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) Solutions include their AI Bot. Bots allow customers to interact with applications in a conversational way using text, graphics, or speech. From a simple question and answer dialog to sophisticated pattern matching, we can help you build a Bot.

The chatbot ecosystem has changed for many businesses using Chat Marketing, but the goal remains the same: quick, creative, and convenient customer service. The best types of chatbots for business are novel and act as the direct line between customer problems and solutions.

Uses of Chat Bots include:

  1. Sell Product: A friendly upfront question asking a visitor what they are looking for allows the Bot to help a visitor find what they are looking for quicker.
  2. Qualify Leads:  Save time (and money) by letting your bot do the hard work of qualifying leads as they come in. Potential customers answer questions and provide their contact info. Have qualified leads schedule an appointment or let your sales team follow up.
  3. Make Appointments or Reservations: Your Bot knows your diaries and who is free. It also knows the best person for the job. Help your visitors find the right person at the right time for them.
  4. Cross Sell: Your Bot can help make product recommendations based on your visitor’s behaviour. For example, if interested in a meal, the Bot may suggest pre-ordering a Wine Pairing. If interested in ink for your printer, you may also need paper.
  5. Provide Information: There are lots of Bots currently helping people all round the world deal with the Pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the leading sources of trusted information for the coronavirus (COVID-19). WHO built a bot on WhatsApp called the WHO Health Alert to share information related to the pandemic.

Whatever your need or idea, Objective can help you understand how BOT technology can support your business.

With continuity assured, most of our staff have worked for us for over ten years, Objective can work to complement and enhance your team or work on turnkey projects.

In it for the long term… with the intention of Turning Your Vision into Success. The team at Objective includes:

Software Development Engineers, ETL Experts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Consultants, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Experts, Google Specialists, Power BI Specialists, Post Graduate Marketing Experts, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Project Management and more.

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