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Benefits of creating a Custom Software Digital Asset Management Hub

Explore the advantages and potential features of having your own Digital Asset Management (DAM) Hub built with bespoke software development.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) hub is a web application that is used to organise, manage, store, and retrieve various digital files. Your DAM system will be designed to follow the natural lifecycle of your digital assets — from creating and distributing assets to archiving, reusing, and retiring them.


  • Streamline your processes for smoother operations and working the way you do. AI is utilised for efficient searching of assets.
  • Protect sensitive data with the integration of Microsoft Azure and customisable user permissions
  • Real-time editing and version control allows your team to collaborate seamlessly, boosting productivity

Your Bespoke Digital Asset Management Hub

Each company that we partner with works differently. One client approached us with a request for a visual file management system to organise their digital assets.

To give you an insight into how a bespoke software system can work for you this blog showcases some of the main features implemented.

Homepage Design

A user-friendly homepage simplifies the file management process. Although some clients may prefer to use their homepage to present a wealth of detailed information, others opt for a more visual approach. A central page allows you to see and search through thumbnail images of your assets – allowing you to wave goodbye to the days of clicking through various folders and files.

This transformation is made possible by incorporating an intuitive Infinite Scrolling feature and representing content with ‘tiles’. With Infinite Scrolling, users are able to continuously browse through content without having to click through multiple pages. As you scroll down, new content dynamically loads, providing a seamless browsing experience. This eliminates the need for pagination or navigating through multiple pages to access more assets.

Additionally, we developed tiled presentation. In this context, ‘tiled’ refers to the layout of content in a grid-like format, where each item or asset is represented by a tile. These tiles contain automatically generated thumbnail images, enhancing visual appeal, and making it easier for you to scan through and identify the assets that you need.

“The infinite scrolling and tiled thumbnail images gives the homepage the sophistication of a high-end retail website. We crafted this DAM hub around our client’s visual workflow, taking satisfaction in delivering a product that meets both their practical requirements and aesthetic desires. That’s the beauty of bespoke software development, it works the way you do.” – Joely, Commercial Manager at Objective

Efficient Search Integration

Search functionality streamlines your browsing experience. One search bar combs through all of your assets, properties, and products, making it easy for your team to find exactly what they need. Powered by Azure AI Skills, including the Key Phrase Extraction Skill and Entity Recognition Skill, the search is intuitive.

The Key Phrase Extraction Skill evaluates unstructured text, extracting key phrases to provide more accurate results, while the Entity Recognition Skill enhances search precision by identifying and categorising entities within the data.

Data Security with Azure

We prioritise data security and accessibility by creating a data warehouse using Microsoft Azure. Using an Azure Container to establish a centralised repository, where your digital assets can be securely stored, provides a robust cloud-based storage solution, advanced security features, and streamlines file access for both your team and external parties, if required.

Unlocking Creativity through Bespoke Software Solutions

With the implementation of the digital asset management hub, tasks that once required extensive time and effort become more streamlined and efficient. This newfound efficiency can allow your team members to focus their energy on creative endeavours, leading to enhanced productivity. Additionally, robust user permissions within the system ensure that sensitive data remains secure, providing a safe environment for collaboration and experimentation.

When your company or organisation requires a unique system that works the way you do, embracing bespoke software solutions can help streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

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