Objective Welcomes New Data Science Staff Members

Big data is already here. Get answers to your critical business questions by exploring your data using Power BI and statistical analytics software ‘R’.

Our data insights team, who all joined Objective in early summer 2016, is headed up by Data Scientist Robert.

Joining forces to unlock the value in your data, the team has already been working with some of our current clients to deliver useful business and marketing intelligence. For example… identifying previously unknown business leads, which has significantly grown the clients sales pipeline.

“Our recently extended team is experienced and works at the leading edge of data science.” commented Cathryn Fox Objective’s Managing Director. “Additionally we are delighted to be working in close association with the Institute of Data Analytics at The University of Essex – the current holders of the UNESCO Chair in Data Analytics.”

Big Data Analytics Tools & Techniques

All companies, whether large or small, have important questions regarding their current data. We can explore the data as well as generate useful dashboards, informative visualisations and predictive models.

Using software such as Microsoft Power BI and the statistical/analytics software R, Robert and his team examine client data enabling them to find out what is happening currently within a business, and predict what may happen in the future.

By using algorithms to ascertain which features and variables are most important to your business model, we can help you visualise patterns in your business. These patterns could be based on a number of factors such as transactions, customer composition and customer behaviour.

Robert says “Big data isn’t coming. It’s already here. Get answers to your critical business questions by engaging Objective to explore your data.”

Our data science team is backed by experienced Marketing and Technical Consultants as well as software developers.

Learn more about how data insights can improve your business performance or contact us for a chat.