Take Outs From The AI & Big Data Expo 2019

April 25th / 26th Olympia, London, a 2 day conference sponsored by the likes of PWC, BT and Microsoft focused on the future of enterprise technology.

April 25th / 26th Olympia, London.

A two day conference focused on the future of tech.

According to the Chair’s opening comments, “Media has given AI bad PR over the past 12 months.”

AI needs to be demystified. As Artificial Intelligence can help transform relationships between people, AI based products are being designed and built in a more human-centric way.

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 AI is basically collaborations of code to create a small moment of magic, we are not talking about robots to replace humans and take all our jobs. We are talking about capturing and analysing data using machine learning to help solve a problem or create opportunities.

The biggest change in the past ten years is the huge quantities of data produced. Microsoft quoted the following stats by 2020…

There will be 30B connected devices
Individuals will generate 1.5GB of data per day
Smart homes will generate 50GB of data per day
Autonomous vehicles will generate 5TB of data per day
Smart Buildings will generate 150GB of data per day

The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) means such data can be easily collected but it’s important to consider what you are trying to accomplish, so that intelligence is applied to the results. With data intelligence and analytics you can engage customers, optimise operations, empower employees, and transform products.

In terms of plans to deploy AI commercially by the end of this year, healthcare is the leading vertical sector where the largest percentage of companies worldwide will take action. This is followed by the consumer content and apps industry (which includes gaming), manufacturing, retail and automotive.