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What Does Data Science Consultancy Offer?

Data science consulting services and software, such as predictive analytics modelling, machine learning and bespoke tools can help you grow your sales, enhance operational efficiency and help govern risks effectively.

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Making the most of your data in providing the insights you need to advance your business in areas such as improving productivity, sales, customer relationships, internal processes or all of these relies on specialist data analytics from experienced professionals offering data science consultancy services.

Professional analytics helps you turn your data into actionable information once the meaning, value and ‘secrets’ have been revealed.

The holistic data approach

Data science consultancy provided by your professional technology partner takes a deep dive into your whole data gathering and organisation setup to ensure it’s being gathered in the best way possible to support your objectives.

Therefore, you need to be specific in providing your data science consultancy professionals with your business objectives in detail so they can help you in the best way.

To this end data sources such as databases, CRM platforms, websites and raw data sources including machine sensors from equipment in your production facility will be assessed with recommendations for changes if required.

Modern, powerful tech such as machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be implemented so your data will be harnessed properly, and the intelligence gained can be easily understood by people in your business through analytics and reporting software. For example, Microsoft Power BI with its user friendly dashboard interface may be recommended.

Predictive Analytics

A key role of your data is to allow you to look into the future and make decisions and form policy based on hard evidence rather than guesswork: to facilitate this your data science consultancy partners would create client-specific data models using AI and machine learning related to your objectives.

Predictive analytics allows you to be agile in altering course if required based on short and longer term trends and how they may affect your product or service offering, your marketing and other business activities.

Software Development

You may require a certain bespoke software tool to be created to support your data work so your technology consultant can, as part of their data science consultancy service, develop suitable software to perform a given function.

The Action Plan

Once an assessment of your present data setup has been completed based on your intentions and business objectives, your data science consultancy partners will get to work in drawing up an action plan.

This would cover both the processes to be deployed in gathering, managing and analysing data and the technological steps that would be required to achieve this.

For instance, if databases need revamping or developing to support the type of data gathering required, or Microsoft Power BI requires installing to benefit from the data analytics through easy to use and constantly updated dashboards, then these would form part of the proposed plan going forward.

Choosing your data science consultancy partner

Your data science journey isn’t over once your assessment, plan and implementation has been completed. Data needs can change over time, so be sure you’re working with a professional who bases their work for you entirely on your business objectives.