Work Experience student prepares us for the Euros with a Dashboard

Last month, we had the pleasure of welcoming a work experience student to Objective. In this post, we showcase some of his impressive work and share his thoughts on the experience.

Learning About Power BI at Age 15

In preparation for the Euros, our work experience student created a Power BI dashboard. This interactive tool allows you to explore how different teams have performed over the years.

Reflections on the Experience

My experience working at Objective was a pleasant surprise. This is the type of work environment I intend to work in soon.

Objective offered me a variety of tasks, including graphic design on Canva, shadowing developers and project managers, and creating PowerPoints, Power BI dashboards, and Excel sheets.

Shadowing Developers and Project Managers gave me insight into how they work and handle challenges, test their databases, and develop their projects. They even let me test their databases to ensure everything functions smoothly, and I was impressed by the high quality of their work.

I really appreciate all that Objective has done for me. From the excellent hospitality to helping me define my future career goals, I cannot thank them enough.