Work Experience student develops F1 Dashboard

In June we had a work experience student at Objective. Find out their take on one of the tasks we gave them.

Welcome to a somewhat fascinating visualisation of Formula 1 championship data, all the way from the 1950s to modern day. Laid out in a jazzed-up format to filter through and learn about the smallest details you never needed to know.

At first glance, you might wonder why a bespoke software and data analytics company is visualising data on F1 championships. This sort of visual format, and this F1 dataset, was the perfect playground for our (wonderful) work experience intern to learn how to convert and analyse the type of relational data that we work with daily.

Looking at this data from the dashboard, some of the best things we learned around the office included the fact that Graham Hill’s son Damian, has a better winning ratio than his own dad. We also found out that despite their reputation and sleek looks, Ferrari’s cars are somewhat lacking in the durability department. Not to mention, a surprisingly speedy Spanish track has consistently claimed the fastest lap time title. And for the visual learners among us, there are even heat-maps displaying each driver’s best tracks.