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Broadcasting App Distributes Video Briefings & Documents

SMARTbrief mobile app and web app is available to any industry needing to communicate e-learning with a remote workforce, it integrates with Microsoft Power BI to deliver interactive reporting.


SMARTbrief is a new modular approach to creating and distributing video briefings and communications to remote workers.

This includes safety tours and documentation as well as operational and service updates broadcast to a mobile workforce; essentially to improve safety, monitor compliance, performance and engagement.

Our solution utilises some of the worlds most advanced cloud based media, combined with feedback and data management functionality that ensure clients can meet both their practical briefing objectives, as well as industry compliance requirements.

In addition to advanced programming, SMARTbrief offers bespoke development, customised reporting and ongoing technical support. Cementing relationships that we have with our clients (and over 5000 users) giving them peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that we have all the resources to support their needs.

Jonathan Hall, SMARTBrief Broadcast App Ltd

The Challenge

SMARTbrief Broadcast App Smart Brief – Improving safety and operational communications ( is a joint venture between Objective and Junction 9 Network, an internal communications specialist.

The system is used by leading Train Operating Companies such as GB Rail Freight, MTR Elizabeth Line and ISS Labour.

SMARTbrief can be used by any industry needing to communicate e-learning with a remote workforce, it integrates with Microsoft Power BI to deliver interactive reporting.

The Solution

SMARTbrief comprises an administration analytics system with a front-end portal, alongside a mobile broadcast app for usage on the move. The system was developed by the software development team at Objective utilising Microsoft Azure Media Services.

Recent updates include Single Sign On facility and Power BI Dashboard Reporting – with the option to have bespoke reports created.

This innovative product will provide an efficient software platform that can be licenced and utilised by numerous businesses. SMARTbrief allows the streaming of video content and sharing of documents to desktop computers, iOS and Android devices. The portal and app can be customised to offer a totally client branded experienced.

Primarily, the software was developed as an instant tutorial / learning platform, however it can be used within any sector where information needs to be distributed quickly and effectively across the workforce. R

The Results & Benefits

  • Improves Safety and performance – quick and easy to broadcast
  • Saves considerable time and money – reach a wide mobile workforce, no need to meet at central location for a safety briefing – they can go straight to site
  • Verifies workforce knowledge – the system records watched, and part watched, video briefings per viewer, as well as highlighting latest updates and important videos that must be viewed. SMARTminds Q & A module verifies understanding
  • Reduces operational risk – Delivers ‘certification’ for those who have ‘attended’ a briefing, which may be needed before access onsite
  • Easily distributes documents and latest updates via PDF
  • Engages the workforce – email and app notifications alert users that important briefings need their attention
  • Search video libraries
  • Protects Corporate memory

SMARTbrief allows us to broadcast quick and easy to digest refresher learning content to our large team of drivers. SMARTbrief gives our workforce easy access to training and reminders, but behind that is a smart system that seems to be getting smarter every day.

Paul Groves Deputy Operations Director, MTR Elizabeth Line

This tool is transforming the way we deliver and verify our seasonal safety briefings to drivers located all over the UK. It’s not intended to totally replace face to face events, but it’s proving a very solid support to the activity.

Another interesting by product of SMARTbrief is that we are finding that it’s becoming a two-way platform for operational feedback from colleagues as well. With the new Q and A module in place, our people achieved a 99% pass rate in the latest Spring Summer safety briefing, so we are totally confident that this is the way to go in future.

Stuart Anderson Head Of Safety, GB Rail Freight

The Technology

Portal – .Net

Mobile App – Xamarin

APIs – Azure Media Services

Data Storage – SQL or Cloud

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