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Bespoke Software for Large Corporations

A major component of a corporation’s set up is their IT systems and software. And, with the rise in data driven business practices due to the ever-growing amounts being captured it is more vital than ever for businesses to be using software that precisely meets their needs.

This need, for unlocking the value of data through systems match a business’s requirements is being met by industry experts developing bespoke software for large corporations in ever increasing amounts.

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    Lara Fox

    Managing Director

    Working with you, we build innovative custom software, web and mobile apps based on your Microsoft technology investments. And, for companies wanting to unlock the value in their data we will utilise predictive analytics for impactful action.

    The Role of Custom-Built Software in Business

    Bespoke software development is becoming key to larger corporations – not just a desirable luxury over using ‘off the peg’ solutions. In making the most of detailed data as efficiently as possible, software carefully developed by experienced experts to fit specific business needs can offer significant benefits:

    • Functionality – software can be developed to perform all the tasks specifically required by a business as opposed to compromises and improvising with off the shelf solutions.
    • Limited adaptability – software set up to suit specific requirements takes less time than wrestling with systems not entirely suitable for purpose causing time wastage.
    • Cost effectiveness – properly developed bespoke software for large corporations can adapt as the business grows or changes; there’s likely no need to ‘rip it up and start again’ as there might be using one size fits all packages.
    • Data backed decision making – controlling your own systems, with the ability of extracting and analysing data for informed decision making is key to your competitive advantage.

    Bespoke Software Types

    It’s possible to meet a specific need – developing a client portal for instance – or re-equip a large business with a whole new bespoke software set up. Bespoke software for large corporations can cover the following:

    Databases – a bespoke database can include the exact functionality your business requires and be designed incorporating the conventions and language your staff are used to.

    Databases can be designed entirely from the ground up, or your existing packages can be adapted to provide the advantages of using your familiar set up in conjunction with newer innovations such as modern SQL database software and providing time saving functionality.

    Mobile App Development – your own bespoke app for internal use (staff and contractors) and external (a customer app) is a huge asset to improving productivity and customer engagement.

    Apps can improve business efficiency where staff work remotely such as running field sales teams or site engineers, and also help you take advantage of the rise of app use amongst customers. Bespoke software development for large corporations includes cross platform apps that can work on the popular platforms such as Android and Apple iOS.

    Systems Integration – a popular use of bespoke software for large corporations is in the areas of helping databases and disparate software systems communicate with one another and integrate: amongst other benefits this avoids the need to re-key the same data, and helps you make more use of your information through efficient data sharing.

    This extends to making data sources available not just locally but via mobile and in the cloud.