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Web Services Development

Creating interfaces between different systems to share data is a modern requirement that the development of application programming interfaces (APIs) and web services fulfils.

Objective boasts a talented team of experienced web services development professionals who provide web service and API development and integration for clients of various business types throughout Essex and the UK.

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    “The exhibitions industry is a fast moving business and we required a system that allowed us to work with our sales and event data in an efficient and professional way. The Objective team took the time to understand our business and worked with us in providing exactly what we wanted.”

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    David Leigh

    Business Development Manager, GT Exhibitions

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    Integrating Systems Together Using Web Services and API’s

    A web service is a function that can be accessed by other programmes, apps and systems over the web. For example, a web service may allow your mobile app to synchronise with your internal database systems to update customer and job information, such as an engineer’s record sheet.

    An application programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a software application. For example Objective IT has used the AKKROO API to extract the data collected on mobile devices and transfer it to a central database as part of our web development services provision.

    Many software companies, such as Sage Accounting software and Inxmail email automation, release APIs so that software developers, just like the team at Objective, can design products that are powered by its service.

    Conversely, Objective can develop an easy to use API for your system to enable others to connect to your database, intranet or other platform as part of our web services development offering.

    Genuine Bespoke Web Development Services

    At Objective our entire service is geared around providing web development solutions specific to your business requirements – not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

    We recognise that software and systems designed for your specific business needs is far more effective, easier to use and more adaptable over time as needs change than a generic solution slightly modified for specific uses.

    You benefit from three key aspects of our bespoke service:

    Keeping it in house – we don’t outsource work so you’ll always have access to the specific people working on your project and we can monitor quality more effectively.

    No code ‘lock up’ – we don’t lock the code so it can’t be accessed by your in house team or other professional developers; we’re keen on transparency and fostering good working relationships with you rather than possibly causing resentments through putting obstacles in your way.

    Clear and open communication – as we proceed on your web development project, we’ll keep you informed and involve you every step of the way through structured, regular contact including phone communication and giving you access to our client portal.

    This way anything that may require amending can be undertaken as we progress to keep things on track rather than larger scale revisions at the end of the project.

    Third party systems we have worked with include:

    • AIMS (Airline information management system)
    • AKKROO
    • Bazaar Voice
    • Bespoke customer retention system (written by us)
    • Black Box data from flight data services
    • Experian credit reports
    • Full Contact
    • Go Canvas
    • Inxmail email automation
    • Omnitracker e-tracking system
    • Qualtrics
    • Sage accounting and payroll systems
    • SAP enterprise software
    • Shanghai Futures exchange data
    • Vovici online survey software
    • Webtrends
    • Plus many other clients’ internal systems and bespoke system developments

    Your Web Development Partners

    Working with us at Objective gives you the best of all worlds; you have the dedication of a team committed to providing a specific solution to suit your particular business requirements without the expense of having to do it in house.

    You also benefit from a web services development company able to provide a service to businesses of most types and sizes – not just larger concerns with complex IT needs.

    Get in touch with the Essex based web development experts today to discuss your web development services requirements.