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Power BI Dashboards Provide Financial Insight

With data sitting across multiple systems, data analytics and Power BI brought the company’s operational and financial information together.


Founded in 1997, Medicare Products is a market leader in innovative, protective products; particularly gloves, designed to enhance clinical excellence in the healthcare sector.

Medicare’s range of examination gloves have been used extensively within private and NHS hospitals for more than 15 years. With the arrival of coronavirus in 2020 as you can imagine, the company’s products were in huge demand.

Objective took the time to talk us through options and the best ways to deliver our reporting needs, which meant we got what we needed in the short term and future proofed our investment going forward. The analytics team has been very helpful, and continue to support Medicare with Power BI dashboard work.
James Anthony, Director, Medicare Products Limited

The Challenge

Medicare’s data sat across multiple systems and sources, making it both time consuming and difficult to get an overall view of the company’s operations and financial situation.

They needed a solution that could not only bring all their data together into one reporting tool right now, but also adapt and future proof their reporting investment as the company updated and changed systems.

The Solution

Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence and dashboard solution, was recommended to deliver to Medicare’s current and future needs with the planned system changes.

The art was being flexible. With data from multiple sources including excel spreadsheets, a database and an accounting system, Objective’s data scientists proactively created the dataset inside Power BI instead of SQL. This provided the ability to easily transfer the connections once Medicare switched systems.

Additionally, a range of graphical reports were created to allow Medicare to visualise their data.

The Results & Benefits

  • Instant View of Operations – Having Reports encompassing all areas of Medicare’s business allows them to fully understand what is going on a day-to-day basis.
  • Generate their own reports – Moving forward the aim is to deliver Power BI consultancy and training to ensure Medicare will have the skills and autonomy to edit and generate new reports from their growing dataset.

The Technology

Microsoft Power BI

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