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Dubai Tunnel surrounded by fish using airport security artificial intelligence and facial recognition software

Advancements in Airport Security with Artificial Intelligence… and what AI can do for SMEs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quite the buzzword, with almost every tool we use in our businesses seemingly adding Artificial Intelligence into their offering. In this insightful blog we will explore what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) advancements are doing for airport security and then ways to introduce Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your small and medium-sized enterprise (SME).

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Predictive Analytics

The Magic Behind Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. The magic happens by reaching beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future.

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data discovery

Start Your Data Discovery

Discover the secrets held in your data to enhance customer retention, increase sales opportunities and understand your business.
Data discovery is an analytical approach to query and explore your data, to understand patterns and help you see a clearer picture.

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